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Microsoft Office Professional + 2021 Multilingual ESD Digital Shipping

Microsoft Office Professional + 2021 Multilingual ESD Digital Shipping

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The new functions in Office 2021 Professional at a glance

Word and Outlook should of course not be missing in Office 2021. The new features such as Read Aloud and Text Spacing ensure that users can concentrate even better on the essentials. In addition, the Focus Mode blocks distractions, the Focused Inbox automatically clears less important e-mails out of the way.

Get your work done easier

  • Black design
  • Office-Sounds
  • Learning tools with subtitles and audio descriptions
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Improved coloring functionality
  • improving accessibility

Manage email more efficiently

  • Updated contact cards
  • Office 365 Group*
  • @mentions
  • Bundled inbox
  • Travel and Shipment Summary Cards

*Requires an Exchange Online account

Excel 2021 includes new data analysis features such as new formulas and chart types, as well as improvements to PowerPivot. Examples of new chart types include funnel charts and 2D maps. With 2D Maps, users can transform geographic data into high-precision visualizations, identify insights, trends, and opportunities, and insert maps into Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Funnel charts show the variation in values ​​across multiple units or stages of a process. This allows sales pipelines, funnels and website conversions to be clearly displayed.

Better data analysis

  • Funnel charts and 2D maps
  • New Excel functions and connectors
  • Publish Excel to PowerBI
  • PowerPivot Extensions
  • PowerQuery Extensions

PowerPoint 2021 makes it possible to create cinematic presentations with new functions such as morph and zoom. With improved inking features such as pressure sensitivity and tilting effects in all Windows applications, documents can be created even more intuitively.

Creating more impactful content

  • Zoom functions for the order of slides in presentations
  • Morph transition function
  • Insert and manage icons, SVG and 3D models
  • Improved roaming pencil case


What's new in Access 2021

  • Visualize your data with new charts
  • Big Number (bigint) support
  • Support for dBASE is back
  • Sorting of the property sheet
  • New property "description name" for controls
  • ODBC connection recovery logic
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Navigation pane scrolling improvements
  • Improvements in the "If you wish" field
  • Editing a new value list item is easier
  • Easier to resize objects in design windows

Word 2021

Formulate accurately

Rely on intelligent technology that checks spelling and grammar and even suggests stylistic corrections. Pen and paper have had their day. Use digital tools to edit your documents intuitively.

Immer up to date

You have all the information right in Word without leaving the application for example PowerPoint slides from colleagues, references or profile information from LinkedIn for your perfect CV.

Better in a team

Collaborate in real time from virtually anywhere. Share documents with a click to invite others to collaborate or get feedback. No matter what voice and accessibility features you use, together you can achieve more.

Excel 2021

Turn data into insights

As you work, Excel recognizes your work patterns and organizes your data to save you time. Create spreadsheets either using handy templates or on your own. And perform calculations using powerful formulas.

All data at a glance

New charts help you make your data beautiful with formatting, sparklines, and tables. Create forecasts and trends with one click.1

work better together

Share your workbook with others and work on the latest version in real time - making you even more productive. Edit Excel files in Office 365 using a mobile device, desktop computer or web browser.2

1 Some Excel charts and graphs require an Office 365 subscription.
2 Share page in Excel with Invite People selected.

PowerPoint 2021

Make convincing presentations

Convey your ideas with engaging designs, vivid animations, movie-like transitions, 3D models, and striking images. Just a few clicks are enough to breathe life into your presentations.

Present like a pro

Tell your story using speaker notes visible only to the presenter. Translate slides into the language of your choice and use the built-in accessibility checker so your audience doesn't miss anything important.

work better together

In Office 365, teams can create documents in real time or comment on the work of colleagues. Store your presentations in the cloud so others can access them - virtually anywhere, anytime and from the preferred device.

Outlook 2021

Email, calendar and contacts in one place

Work more efficiently by bundling email, calendar, contacts, tasks and more in one place. Thanks to the integrated Office services, you can share attachments directly via OneDrive, easily find contacts and view LinkedIn profiles.

Stay organized

You can now book conference rooms and track responses to invitations directly from your calendar. Use shared calendars to create and coordinate schedules. You can see at a glance when your colleagues are free.

Security for the highest demands

Sit back and relax knowing your safety is taken care of. Our enterprise security is trusted by many of the world's largest companies. In the background, Outlook monitors the protection of your confidential information 24/7.

Business Intelligence made for you

Outlook knows in advance what is important. Travel and payment transactions are automatically added to your calendar and intelligent reminders ensure that you never miss an appointment. Find information quickly with the optimized search.

OneNote for Windows 11

Be organized all around

Stay organized with notebooks that can be broken down into sections and pages. Use easy navigation and search to pick up where you left off.

Collect and develop ideas

Use OneNote on all your devices to capture spontaneous ideas. You can then revise your notes using your keyboard, highlighter, or pen.

Share and collaborate

Great ideas are everywhere. It is all the more important that you can exchange ideas and be creative together with OneNote.

Access 2021

Perfect your data

Easily create custom database applications in formats best suited to your business needs. PC only.

Not just for developers Develop and release applications

Quickly create business applications from a template or from scratch with Access. The versatile and intuitive design tools in Access help you quickly create impressive, feature-rich applications.

individual apps,
that grow with your company

Build custom applications for your business and customers, and quickly adapt solutions to new business needs. Use Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to automate processes and design beautiful and useful forms and reports.

Integrate multiple data sources

Bring data from line-of-business applications into Access. Thanks to the connector library, meaningful visualizations and insights are displayed directly in the familiar Access interface. Store your data in SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL for greater reliability, scalability, security, and long-term manageability. (To store data in SQL Server or Microsoft Azure SQL, you need a subscription to that service.)


Creative and perfect layouts

Put the finishing touches on text, images, formatting, calendars, etc. Publisher ensures your publications look the same everywhere on paper, online or in email.

Individual publications for every purpose

Design greeting cards, labels, newsletters, marketing materials and much more and be inspired by versatile templates.

To the target group
tailored publications

Share pixel-perfect prints, send professional-looking emails, or export text to common, non-editable formats. (Some sharing features require OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint.)


system requirements

  • Microsoft-Konto
  • Internet access
  • Windows 11 oder Windows 10
  • 1.6GHz, 2-core processor
  • 4 GB, 2 GB (32bit) RAM
  • 4 GB available hard disk space
  • Screen resolution 1280x768
  • DirectX 10 graphics card for using graphics hardware acceleration
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