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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard

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Product information "Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard"
Buy Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard - for efficient data storage in your company
Every company accumulates large amounts of data. This applies, for example, to sales figures, stock levels and employee data. In order to record these quickly and reliably, suitable software is of great importance. One way to do this is to use a spreadsheet program such as Excel. However, this is only a sensible solution for smaller companies with small amounts of data. Problems can also arise if several employees have to access the information at the same time. Therefore, it usually makes sense to use a database to collect the relevant data. This brings with it numerous advantages. For example, simultaneous access is possible in this way, which greatly simplifies collaboration in your company. In addition, these systems work very efficiently even with large amounts of data and they offer excellent security. If you need suitable software for this, you can buy the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019: the current version of the software with many practical functions

Microsoft SQL Server has been used in numerous companies for data management for many decades. The first version appeared back in 1989. Since then, however, Microsoft has released many new versions. They not only adapt the software to modern technology. In addition, they always bring useful features with them. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is the current version of this software. This is characterized in particular by a significantly more efficient handling of big data. For example, the manufacturer has improved the SQL database engine so that it can process large amounts of data more efficiently. In addition, special big data clusters were introduced.

What distinguishes the standard edition?

If you want to purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2019, you can choose from several editions. Which one is right for you depends on the size of your business, the configuration of your server and the amount of data you are processing. The Standard Edition is designed for small and medium-sized businesses - or for a single department in a large company. There are certain hardware limitations here. For example, you can install this software on servers with a maximum of 24 processor cores and there is also a limit to the supported memory size.

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