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Microsoft Office Professional 2016 PKC

Microsoft Office Professional 2016 PKC

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Now quickly and easily install Microsoft Office Professional 2016 here with us and start immediately. EAN 0885370991055. Fast shipping by mail

A highlight among the Office products: Office 2016 Professional
The Office products from Microsoft are products that are available individually on the one hand and are also made available in packages on the other. The packages often offer a wide range of advantages. On the one hand, of course, there is the price, which is significantly cheaper than the separate compilation, and on the other hand, there are also advantages that result from the fact that the packages are perfectly tailored. This means that private users, for example, do not need any software that is particularly productive for database management. However, professional users can often benefit from this, which is why Microsoft Access also includes such a program in Office 2016 Professional. We would like to show you which other programs are available.

A comprehensive program package promises versatile applications
What characterizes each package are the programs used. The following applications are available with Office 2016 Professional from Microsoft:

● Word 2016
● Excel 2016
● OneNote 2016
● PowerPoint 2016
● Outlook 2016
● Access 2016
● Outlook 2016
● Publisher 2016

This package, specially put together for business customers, offers users a wide range, ranging from software for creative work to programs for managing data or e-mails. Even if one of the programs is less interesting for you, the package is still great for you as you definitely get value from the combination of the other software.

The most important innovations compared to previous versions of Office 2016 Professional
As with many new software products in recent years, networking is also the focus of the innovations in Office 2016 Professional. Wherever people work in a team, such an innovation is particularly productive, and the physical proximity of the individual users is becoming less and less important. In Office 2016 Professional, for example, projects can be edited simultaneously in real time and then accessed from anywhere via the cloud. Some customization options in the design of the programs are also available to users for the first time with the 2016 version. The applications have also improved by offering optimized and new search functions and thus simplifying the handling of one's own data.


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